Give Grande New Mexico - May 6th

TYMS participates in NM's First statewide giving day!

The Community Foundation Coalition of New Mexico, comprised of the Albuquerque, Taos, Southern New Mexico, New Mexico and Santa Fe Community Foundations, is supporting New Mexico to participate in a national day of community giving on May 6th, 2014. The nationwide initiative, Give Local America, also takes place May 6, 2014. Over 100 communities across the US will host local giving events to support local causes and organizations. Each local gift will be amplified with dollars from a national incentive pool of funds, plus New Mexico will have its own, additional incentive prizes!   
This 24-hour event will raise as much money as possible for our local nonprofits via online fundraising. It will reignite the spirit of giving in our communities and provide opportunities for statewide nonprofits to get their creative juices flowing, while creating fun, engaging events for donors, old and new.

Please support TYMS on this important day by making a gift online - and please share the information with everyone you know, both in state and out! Together, we can make a huge difference for TYMS and for philanthropy in New Mexico!