Taos Youth Music School (TYMS) has been bringing kids and music together for over sixteen years. TYMS provides tuition-free music education and performance opportunities for fifty to sixty kindergarten through high school-age kids in Taos County each year. We welcome students from public, private and home-schools.

Students learn musical concepts, voice, and instrument training, as well as collaborative work in a band or choir setting. Students benefit from small class sizes and the individual attention of dedicated and highly qualified teachers. In a safe environment, kids are encouraged to explore their creativity and learn to make music with confidence and joy. The skills, interests, and passions they develop impact their studies and extra-curricular pursuits as well.

To date 100% of TYMS’s alumni have graduated from high school or achieved their GED. We do not think it is a coincidence, as the positive effects of the study of music are many:

  • Children who study a musical instrument are more likely to excel in all of their studies, work better in teams, have enhanced critical thinking skills, stay in school, and pursue further education.
  • A Columbia University study revealed that students who study arts are more cooperative with their teachers and peers, have higher levels self-confidence, and are more equipped to express themselves and their ideas.

Each instructor approaches music education and performance in a different way, and activities and instruments vary to appeal to students of different ages and skill level. Some activities include:

  • Singing, playing various Orff instruments, including xylophone, metallophone, marimba, & glockenspiel, as well as a wide variety of percussion instruments, guitar, ukelele, recorder, and keyboard
  • Transferring concepts, such as beats, notes, loud/soft, fast/slow, to real performance and learning to read music
  • Participating in field trips and educational clinics with visiting musicians. Opportunities to see, hear, and understand music in different cultural contexts
  • Developing audience skills of listening to others, and the confidence needed to perform for others. Developing the essential teamwork of working musically with other musicians

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“The classes are fun. We make friends from all over Taos. I plan on attending until I graduate from High School and then I would like to be a teacher from the music school.”
- 4th grade TYMS student